This is NOT business as usual – Global Climate Strike Friday September 20

Author: Mandy   Date Posted:18 September 2019 

Have you heard? School students are inviting everyone to unite this Friday September 20 for our biggest ever global #ClimateStrike. We’re seeing, hearing and experiencing it more and more every single day – Australia is on the frontlines of the climate crisis. We know just how much the sanctuaries we support are suffering from the prolonged drought and rampant bushfires here in Australia, and as a vegan business this really hits home to us. We know that the single biggest way to reduce our environmental impact on Earth is veganism – and that tiny changes in our lifestyles as individuals can collectively make a huge impact for the good of the planet.


But this is a critical time for climate action. It’s history in the making, and it’s our futures that are at stake. Millions of school children around the world are calling on adults to join them in the streets and send a message to governments – NOW is the time for urgent and meaningful climate action. We are certain that a few hours of lost business pales in significance compared to the ecological meltdown that we’re currently facing. Please join us at the Global Climate Strike this Friday September 20. This is a movement in solidarity for the people and animals who are already being hurt by the climate crisis – and a unanimous call to action for Governments around the world to act now in preventing further suffering.


We’ll be shutting our doors from open until 4pm this Friday and encourage any and all who can take part in their local strike to join. Check out the Facebook event for the Brisbane strike here and click attending if you’re going! We’ll be back open at 4pm on Friday for dinner service so you can swing by to re-fuel and wind down with us after the march. For more info on the movement see

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