About Us


The Green Edge is Brisbane's largest Vegan Grocery Store & Cafe. We are a family owned business, dedicated to providing the means for people to make more ethical choices in their daily lives. We hope that we can provide a professional retail environment that enables those who make thoughtful choices to not have to compromise. We are confident that we can dispel the misnomer that being vegan is too difficult. We will attempt to continually expand our plant-based product range and in store experience to help to make being vegan easy and enjoyable.



Our mission is to make a positive difference to the future of Earth and its inhabitants. We do this by assisting and encouraging people to make sustainable food and lifestyle choices that will enhance rather than harm the well-being of humans, animals and the environment.  We consider the origin and impact of the products we sell and will never knowingly sell anything that is the result or cause of suffering or exploitation of people or animals.  All our products are derived from plants and we favour health-enhancing, organically-grown, locally-produced and Fair Trade products.



Our Vision is that we can help create a world where humans live in harmony, not only with each other, but with nature and with all of Earth's inhabitants.  We envision a world where wisdom and compassion have flourished, a world where humans have ceased killing and exploiting both humans and other animals, and have become protectors and carers of Earth and all its inhabitants.



Care of Earth

We believe that humans have a responsibility to care for the planet and its inhabitants, by striving to protect and preserve the natural environment. We promote environmentally sustainable products and practices, such as organically grown foods derived from plants rather than animals.

Human Health

We believe that lifestyle practices (such as diet and physical activity) are the most important determinants of human health. We provide information and promote products and practices that support and assist people to achieve better health through healthier lifestyles.

Compassion for Animals

We believe that the time has come for humans to cease killing, harming and exploiting animals, as it is unnecessary to do so in order to live a healthy, happy life. Also, the consumption of plant-derived foods rather than animal-derived foods has a positive effect on both human and environmental health. All products we sell are free of animal products and none have been tested on animals.


We believe that workers worldwide should have safe working conditions and should be paid fairly for their labour. We promote products that are Fair Trade and avoid selling products that involve child labour or are the result of exploitation of humans.

Business Ethics

We have adopted strict selection criteria for all products that we sell, based on our values rather than simply on demand or profitability. We believe in open honest business practices and will never intentionally misrepresent our products or services or exaggerate their qualities.