Larrykin Dog Treats is back!

100% Plant-based Dog Treats After a much-needed break & a change of ownership - Larrykin Dog Treats is back!  Still proudly family-owned and operated in Melbourne, Theresa has worked tirelessly with the new Larrykin family to bring back those 100% plant-based Larry-licious treats!

Many of Brisbane's canine community were very sad when Theresa Weymouth let us know Larry was taking some time off and the much-loved Larrykin Dog Treats wouldn't be available for a while. However we are very happy to report that after a much-needed break and a change of ownership - Larrykin Dog Treats is back!

Larrykin is still proudly family-owned and operated in Melbourne, using locally-sourced, premium ingredients for a truly Larry-licious experience. The new Larrykin family, including Rob, Audrey, Damo - Head Baker, and Liv – the Larrykin Brand Ambassador, worked tirelessly with Theresa to ensure the Larrykin recipes remain the same, just the way Larry loves it! Still hand and batch baked locally in Ivanhoe, Victoria with premium Australian human-grade ingredients, all treats are 100% plant-based, ensuring every tail-wagging moment is a celebration of flavour, compassion and health.

Larry and the team also worked on two new flavours, “Puppy Peanut Butter” and “AppleCinnamon”, which are now available along with all the previous favourite flavours! All treats are packaged in sustainable packaging, so they are not only kind to animals, but also to the environment.

Larry also brought in two new protégés, Mikey and Ernie, to share the workload and ensure that when you choose Larrykin Dog Treats your dog’s wellbeing is assured with no hidden nasties, just tasty superfoods such as linseed, turmeric and ginger. Treats can play an important role in your dog’s life and every bite of a Larrykin Dog Treat is filled with a burst of flavour and nutrition. Doesn’t your furry friend deserve the finest?

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