Your Bliss Eau de Parfum - New in store!

Vegan Eau de Parfum. Clean, Vegan, Naturally Derived fragrances that take you through from morning to night.


After meeting Maddie Burton at the recent Vegan Expo, we knew Your Bliss was a product range our customers would love!  

Most perfumes are laden with chemicals (and many companies still use animal derived ingredients) but Maddie knew this was not for her and her journey to find a cleaner, low tox option led to the birth of her company- Your Bliss!  With a sophisticated range of Eau de Parfums, each scent is proudly made from a blend of naturall ingredients and safe synthetics, formulated to meet industry clean standards.

The line of luxury fragrances are made in Melbourne (Australian made!) and filled and packed in a small country town in Queensland. Your Bliss is a family run business where everything is created by hand and in small batches. Maddie is continually moving towards the cleanest possible perfumes that are intoxicating in their aroma, last all day and are safe for you and the environment. You are sure to find your perfect scent that will elevate your day and carry you through from morning to night! Whatever the day has in store for you, these fragrances will connect you to your bliss!

To view the range of products we stock, click here:Your Bliss Eau de Parfum

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